Greg Currier Photography

The art of Photography is more about capturing the varying nuances of light than about recording an object or scene. Each season brings its own types of light influenced by the angle of the sun, the humidity in the air, the temperature, reflections off the surroundings, etc. Add to this the daily and hourly changes in light due to the weather, and you have a rich palette of colors and effects that paints very different pictures of the same scene.

In Winter the dramatic temperature difference between the sea and the air creates the ethereal sea smoke. That picks up the violet of predawn or the stark yellow of sunrise. The Spring features a less harsh light filtered through soft new growth or reflected off bright green leaves. In the Summer there is the diffused light of fog and the red sunrises over the ocean. In Fall the forests are a riot of color, with the brilliance of red and yellow light from the maples illuminating the countryside, even on a cloudy day. The air is crisp and the light has color accentuated by the foliage.

These pictures underwent minor corrections, mostly cropping, and no radical color changes were incorporated into the prints. (I don't believe in fooling too much with Mother Nature!) I just kept going back to the same location to capture the right images. The photographs were taken with film-based Nikon 35 mm equipment and a Nikon D80 digital SLR. The film used was Fuji Velvia and the resulting slides were scanned into a PC with a Nikon scanner and then printed on an Epson ink jet printer using UltraChrome inks. The digital images were sent right to the printer after minor corrections. The printing process uses 7 archival inks and has a lifetime of at least 100 years (under accelerated testing) with no noticeable fading. All the papers and mounting boards are archival and acid-free and the materials are not handled with bare hands to assure longevity of the prints. I offer archival quality photographs in 8x10" or 13x19". When matted these range in overall size from 11x14" to 20x24". Panoramic images (on paper or canvas) are available in 12x31 and 12x43. I live in Maine but travel about the country. Most of the current offerings are from New England, with some southern and western US selections, as well as images from a trip to Tuscany. New prints are added periodically, with about 50,000 images from which to choose.

My work has appeared in art shows and exhibitions, newspapers, magazines, calendars, books, and advertising campaigns. It is also held in domestic and foreign collections.